I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy

because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless

and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that.


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According to chemistry, alcohol IS a solution.


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~ "Why is nobody dancing to this?!?!"

"This is what it’s all about!" LB 2014

The stress. The late nights. The tension. The frustration. Questioning if you have your priorities straight. The yelling, screaming, subtle fighting… Tonight made it all worth it :) I just love my Ramblers family. It truly is a family with all the craziness, personalities, opinions, ideas, etc. Most importantly it’s all of the love that shines through throughout our process of creating an amazing show. There isn’t really a day I don’t look forward to seeing any of them. Our opening night was tonight and it went off amazingly!! I was told my directors were CRYING, SMILING, and LAUGHING the entire show, amazed and excited to see all of us performing so well :) I nearly started crying when they told me how well i did… (kinda want to cry right now)

Anyways, the cast went out for food afterwards (opening night tradition). Easily one of the best, most fun nights of my life. We were just all happy, silly, crazy, almost on a high. Playing games, making jokes… i can’t even really describe it except that it’s the feeling that should always be there, that i pray will always stay there. The best part was right when we got back. Literally, one of the girls sees me and a few other people walking back while she was still in her car with a song playing (some 1920’s version of Call Me Maybe), pulls her car over to the side (basically double-parking), gets out, and all 5 of us there just start dancing in the parking lot. Keep in mind it is midnight… on a weekday… Literally just amazing :)


I made a thing because I’m sick of Olaf getting called simple comedic relief. 

Why is it always with that one person, I always end up regretting what I say in conversations?

~ http://www.youtube.com/attribution_link?a=2F-0xpZuUvcW3Xxe-8eZIg&u=/watch?v=p3ibUzCdTTw&feature=share